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Paralympics: Rio Capel winner brings bronze ball

TOKYO (AP) – Rio de Janeiro winner Nico Capel may have cost the next gold medal due to the postponement of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.

After the short Stuttgart chaser dominated the bowling class on the original date last year, he took the bronze medal after a troubled season.

When asked if the Games will be better in 2020, the 26-year-old replied: “If you look at my performance, yes, I had great competitions last year. Today I am not entirely satisfied with my performance. But I am happy with the medal. It is in my heart that he has become A medal after such a difficult season, I would say a bad season.”

After a bronze at the European Championships in early June, Cable had to take six weeks off injury. “We were able to get that out of the pear, but it wasn’t enough for the big batch,” he said. So Kappel has ranked himself in one of the most balanced starting areas in gaming with five potential gold candidates in the middle of those areas. With 13.30 meters he held world record holder Bobirjon Omonow of Uzbekistan (14.06) and American Hagan Landry (13.88).

“Tonight I have to look in some room to see if I can find a beer,” said Capel, who will begin work at ISTAF on September 12, as in the previous year, then “go on vacation first.”

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