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Party members call for Liz Truss’ resignation

Liz Truss is struggling to stay on as Prime Minister after Kwasi Quarting’s dismissal. The government has had to back off large parts of the proposal to cut taxes on high-income earners, which has been heavily criticized.

During Monday, senior Conservative Party figures will hold a meeting to discuss the prime minister’s future, according to information from the Guardian.

some politicians They want her to resign in the coming days and some threaten to publicly demand that Truss step down, according to newspaper records.

Conservative politician Crispin Blunt on Sunday became the first female Tory MP within the party to call for Liz Truss to step down.

He said in an interview with British television that he does not believe that the Prime Minister will survive the ongoing crisis.

– I think the game is over. Crispin Blunt says it’s now about how she handles the question of her successor According to the newspaper.

Later in the day Conservative politician Andrew Bridgen also called on the prime minister to resign.

– Liz downgraded her lead and her potential actor comeback at the same time, all in record time, he wrote in a blog post, according to telegraph.

Monday’s meeting between senior politicians comes just days after Kwasi Quarting was removed from his post as finance minister following his highly criticized tax cut proposal.

On Sunday, Liz Truss held a crisis meeting with the new finance minister, Jeremy Hunt, in order to develop the basis for a new budget plan.

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