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“People say I look like a horse”

“People say I look like a horse”

Kelly Swanton, 27, from Hitchin, England, was bullied because of her teeth when she went to school.

My teeth have never looked so good, it’s in my family’s genes. Kelly says I was bullied for a long time daily Mail.

Since she got married later this year, Kelly has wanted to tackle the problem once and for all.

So, she traveled to Turkey in February and spent the equivalent of 50,000 SEK on getting her teeth fixed.

I had ten porcelain crowns inserted into both the upper and lower rows of teeth, says Kelly.

“Stop worrying about the size of my teeth”

Kelly has documented her journey to new teeth in a series of clips tik tok. Reactions to the end result were mixed, to say the least.

– People say that I look like a horse, and that the crowns do not have a good shape and do not fit in my mouth. They also said I should get my money back, that my teeth would fall out and be way too long, says Kelly.

She believes that people should not make unnecessarily harsh comments.

– Stop worrying about the size of my teeth, I love them. Focus on your life instead and harness your energy to become a better person, says Kelly.

But Kelly is happy with the result.

A lot of them were really positive and told me they like my new teeth, which is great, says Kelly.

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