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People with ADHD should be able to become police officers

The country is crying out for the police, but despite this, people who want more than anything to become a police don’t get a chance.

This is posted on Smålandsposten. The opinions expressed are those of the author.

By law, people with ADHD are not allowed to be police officers, and therefore are not entitled to train as police officers. You also shouldn’t be a police officer if you’ve been diagnosed with ADHD and then given up on it.

I realize that becoming a police officer requires a very good reaction ability, stress management and the ability to act quickly but the prognosis for ADHD varies from person to person, some find it difficult to focus and others are very energetic and energetic, which is a very good experience in the police profession. People with ADHD also have very good thoughts, they respond and think very fast and can make quick decisions, and it is a very good experience to be a police officer. I think it sounds great for police officers to have that experience. In Spain, for example, people with ADHD can apply for police training and have an individual assessment of whether or not they are suitable for the profession.

Not only does a diagnosis of ADHD affect work negatively, but there are a lot more positive things with ADHD than negative ones and I think if more people with ADHD had been educated, I think that it would have been possible. They are really good police officers. The ability to react quickly, make quick decisions, is quick to respond, active and intelligent.

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“Normal” people may have lower focus, lower reactivity, and lower stress management. All people have different characteristics whether or not they have a diagnosis.

Like me, I have ADHD, and if I like something, I’ll be the best at it. I know what’s right and wrong, I have a lot of energy and I’m really smart. And although I am young, I always fight for everyone to be treated well.

So with this text, I would say that I believe politicians should stop discriminating against people with ADHD and instead give them a chance to be able to educate themselves and live their dream.

Nili Eden Hjalmar, 16, Vaxjo

“I think politicians should stop discriminating against people with ADHD, and instead give them a chance to educate themselves and live their dream.”