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Queen Margaret’s hat frolicking in the breeze

On Sunday, the centenary of the return of Denmark and South Jutland was celebrated with pomp and circumstance.

Queen Margaret brought Crown Prince Frederick and her grandson Prince Christian to Haderslev to add a bit of royal splendor to the ceremony.

The Queen wore a white suit by her favorite designer, Annette Freifeldt, which was matched with a pretty big hat.

However, the Queen soon noticed that it might not be quite the right day to wear a stunning headdress. The beautiful summer weather was turbulent with frequent gusts of wind, and Queen Margaret had to fight hard so that her hat would not fly.

At one point, the battle was almost lost when the hat was about to be torn, but before it flew away, the Queen had time to catch it, Who was seen in the Billedbladet broadcast of the anniversary.

Then she had had enough and asked Prince Christian to help keep her flower bouquet so the Queen could focus on keeping her hat in check.

Prince Christian did it with pleasure.

Hold your hat! The illustrated magazine published from the anniversary and captured the moment the Queen Hat decided to leave.

picture: Picturemagazine

“What are you saying, Dad, should I help my grandmother with the hat?”

picture: Henning Bagger / EPA / TT

Big day for Prince Christian

The Prince, who is second in line to the throne of Denmark after his father, first appeared in major official contexts. It was an amazing day for the 15-year-old.

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– I am honored to be here today, he told TV2.

Although he apparently did little more than be there, and help the Queen keep the bouquet of flowers, careful preparation was still required.

My grandmother explained to me what would happen today and told me about my duties and how I should behave, says Prince Christian.

It has been 101 years since Denmark took back Sönderjylland from Germany. The anniversary was supposed to take place a year ago but was later canceled due to the pandemic.

The interest in the reunion was one of the highlights of the past year and I was very much looking forward to being here. The Queen said during the ceremony that it was a great joy that today we can be where we are, even if it is a year later.

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