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Pericity 2021 - How and Where to Look?  NASA explains

Pericity 2021 – How and Where to Look? NASA explains

On its official site NASA has released a guide Related to seeing percepts in the sky. This is undoubtedly one of the best events of the year (if not the best) for light lines to appear invariably. Percussion can be seen from yesterday, but they are visible today, the night of August 12-13, 2021.

However, NASA recommends moving out of the city, where the horizon is better visible. This means we can see up to 40 perch per hour. Another issue is the range of light – so the right place would be a field away from lights and other lights.

Of course, these all depend on the weather. This phenomenon is unlikely to be seen in cloudy skies. NASA advises to join the live broadcast, where specially set cameras “observe” the sky and “catch” flying lines. Obviously this is not one, but if you do not have the conditions it will be your best choice.

What are Perseids? These are fragments of a swift-turtle comet. Every year, the Earth is close to the path of the comet, so the debris it leaves behind appears as meteorites in our sky.

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