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Mysterious event on Warsaw!  We know what flying misery is [ZDJĘCIA]

Mysterious event on Warsaw! We know what flying misery is [ZDJĘCIA]

Author: Darius Orlix / Red Bull
Mysterious event on Warsaw! Flying parasites … people

When are the shooting stars? This question is asked by many poles! Shortly before nightfall in Perth, residents of Warsaw noticed mysterious events in the sky. Speed ​​markers in the sky were taken for meteorites, percussions or … UFOs. We know what this mysterious event is. Everything is planned! The people of Perseid crossed the sky at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

On the evening of August 11, residents of Warsaw noticed a mysterious event on the city. The mysterious shooting stars flew just above the Polish capital. Now everything is clear! This is a Red Bull Skydive Team Wingsuit Stunt Show. The world-famous parachute jumper flew over Warsaw at 200km / h in special, glowing cases. The spectacular formation of jumpers resembles the Pericid event, which is clearly visible in the sky this week.

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People from the Red Bull Skydive team flew over Warsaw

Thanks to the special cases and the bright flares associated with them, the jumpers flying over the city resembled “shooting stars”. Wing shooting is an amazing parachute jumping. Special cases allow jumpers to control their aircraft for several kilometers and cross the sky at high speeds. This is no different in Warsaw, where such jumps were first performed. Max Manov, Marco Waldenspeel, Marco First and camera operator Peter Salsman flew over the Vistula River at 200km / h.

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See photos of this amazing situation in the gallery below! It had a tremendous impact.

After 9 p.m., they jumped from the helicopter over the Asiankovsky Bridge, at an altitude of more than two thousand meters, and flew about three kilometers to the north. After crossing the Śląsko-Dąbrowski bridge, they opened their parachutes three hundred meters above the ground and landed on the beach in Prague. During the break, we had beautiful flares and flew together in formation. At the beginning and end of the flight, just before opening, you need to pay close attention and make sure everything is in order. During the flight to Warsaw, we had about 20-30 seconds to see the surroundings and enjoy the view, which was amazing – said Max Manove, one of the jumpers on the Red Bull Skydive team.

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The spectacular activity took place the night before the peak of the Perseid crowd and was a surprise to the people who spent the evening on the Vistula Boulevards. Some may have been under the illusion that they were observing an unusual astronomical event. The August sky over Poland supports the observation of meteorites from the Perseid cluster, and this event was followed by jumpers. The night flight over our capital is not the first event of its kind in which the Red Bull Skydive team participated. Previously, shooting stars e.g. In Sao Paulo and Copenhagen.

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