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Sejm przyjął w środę ustawę o podwyżkach wynagrodzeń dla zajmujących kierownicze stanowiska państwowe. Za ustawą głosowało 267 posłów, przeciw było 166, wstrzymało się 20. Za był PiS, KP oraz Polskie Sprawy; przeciw - KO, Konfederacja i Polska 2050. Głosy Lewicy i Kukiz

Sezm passed legislation on pay rises for the president and local government officials

On Wednesday, the SEZM passed legislation on a pay rise for state executives. 267 delegates voted in favor of the bill, 166 were against and 20 abstained. Law and justice, KP and Polish affairs were in favor; Against – KO, Konfederacja and Poland 2050. Left and Cookies ’15 voices split.

This law provides, A 40% increase in the president’s salary, a 60 percent increase in the amount of allowances for councilors and a pay rise for local government employees.

The law was passed taking into account the amendments proposed by the PiS Club. These amendments include rules regulating the issue of social insurance for the life partner of the President of the Republic of Poland, and also restricting the calculation of salaries for officials of the National Electoral Commission. All amendments submitted by the Opposition were rejected.

The “Lex TVN” Act adopted by Sezmal [RELACJA]

The bill was supported by 229 members of the PiS Club, with one – Michał Wypij – abstaining, and two – Violetta Porowska and Marek Vesoły – abstaining. Three of the five delegates who formed the Cookies ’15 circle were in favor – Stanisa Disco opposed. All members of the Polish affairs circle, as well as three independents – Zbigniew Ajchler, Asukasz Mejza and Ryszard Gall, a representative of the German minority, voted in favor of the bill.

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The bill was also supported by the Polish coalition – 23 MPs voted in favor, while Ursula Basavska, MP, abstained.
The votes of the Left were divided: – 23 MPs were against, 19 abstained. Five MPs – Rafas Adamsik, Romuwalt Ajler, Marek Tiduch, Presmisa Koperski and Jdzyv Wolski – supported the bill.

KO representatives – with the exception of one deputy, Marek Sova, who did not take part in the vote, unanimously opposed the move. The entire circle of Confederate (without two representatives who did not vote) and Poland were against 2050. Paves Salewski, an independent deputy, also opposed.

Last week, President Duda signed a decree introducing a pay rise for the prime minister, the Marshall of the Senate and other persons holding executive positions in the state, including deputy executives (deputy ministers) in the state. Thanks to the regulation, the salaries of MPs will also increase because – by law, the use of the mandate of a deputy and a senator is equivalent to 80 percent of their salary. Salary of the Assistant Secretary of State (excluding seniority allowance).