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Warm up the committee meeting.  A protest by rejecting "Lex TVN"

Warm up the committee meeting. A protest by rejecting “Lex TVN”

Let us remind you that Wednesday is Sezmin’s most stormy session. Later, the discussion went to the culture and media team. The subject of the controversy is the Broadcasting Act, commonly known as “Lex TVN”. According to a proposal by a group of PiS delegates (led by Marek Suzuki), companies outside the European Economic Area could not own television broadcasters. These changes are attacking the TVN ownership structure owned by US capital. If the correction in this form goes through Sejm, TVN will continue to lose broadcasting capability.

Marek Suzuki: You are protecting one of the stations sold …

At the beginning of the committee meeting, the opposition submitted a motion to reject the amendment outright. The MP said these rules should “be in the basket”. Said Jonah Shering-Wilkes. The MEPs called for “an immediate end to this madness.”

However, Marek Suzuki submitted a counter-movement – in favor of a full acceptance of the amendment. – As usual, you are protecting the interests of foreign companies, not Polish. You are protecting one of the outlets … This law is not about freedom of speech, he said. Next, against 15 politicians, 14 bills were rejected. One ignored. The referendum was therefore close to a draw, but the opposition failed to pass its resolution.

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