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Perseverance collected its first sample from Mars

After hours of uncertainty after drilling into the Martian rock, the NASA Confirm that the robot determination I managed to collect the first sample from the surface Planet Mars.

“Okay! With better lighting in the sample tube, you can see that the rocky core I collected is still there. Then I will process that sample and seal the tube,” referenced from the mission’s Twitter account.

The Mastcam-Z rover had already shown images of a portion of a rocky core inside the sample tube before, but low light kept the celebration waiting.

Mission success comes on its second attempt, since the August 5th attempt failed because the sample turned to dust in the savings process.

Until 2030

The package containing determination It must be sealed to wait for its transfer to Earth, where corresponding analyzes will be taken to find out its history and composition. It is expected to be “rescued” in the late 2000s or early 2000s.

The analyzes will be necessary to allow researchers to explore the geological history of planet mars, The answer to the question of whether life exists on this planet.

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