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Peter Markie Zee, Conservative Father of Seven Challenges Urban

Hódmezövásárhely – This southern Hungarian city may be difficult to pronounce for non-Hungarians as the city’s mayor was unknown to Hungarian voters only a few months ago.

But now it is suddenly Peter Markzey who will challenge Prime Minister Viktor Orban in parliamentary elections scheduled for the spring of 2022.

Behind him, he has – at least for the time being – the united Hungarian opposition, from the Socialists and the Greens to Jobbik, a party that until recently was considered far-right.

Urban Cement Sedan His power for nearly twelve years, the opposition realized that the only chance to defeat him was the Confederation. Parties along the entire political spectrum agreed Support one candidate for the post of Prime Minister, after being appointed by the voters in a primary election.

On Sunday evening, it was clear that Markie Z. had won the primaries. The second Clara Dobrev, of the Socialist Party, declared that she had been defeated and demanded the support of her opponent.

Marky Z describes himself as a conservative.

He is 49 years old and a devout Catholic The father of seven children. His wife, a former midwife, is a housewife. An economist and engineer, he has lived for several years in the United States and Canada.

As a politician, he is an unwritten card, and has no connections to Budapest’s political elite.

This is exactly what is now being emphasized as a trump card for him. In an upcoming election campaign, Orbán will find it difficult to describe Marki Zay as a “liberal leftist” ruled by former Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsany, someone hated by many Hungarians.

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This would have been the tactic if Clara Dobrev had won the primaries. She is married to Gyurcsány.

Men’s Marche-Zeiss Oroten On the national stage is also manifested in indifferent statements.

He once said that the Prime Minister’s party Fidesz “has the most gay members” and that “half of Fidesz leaders will be in prison by 2026”.

During the primaries, he indicated that Clara Dobrev’s employees were willing to cheat, and announced a reward for people who exposed election fraud in the spring elections.

At the same time, he is now greeted by a unified chorus of activists, from left to right.

Burned it for a decade In the open, the Hungarian opposition became pragmatic. Many are willing to support who he is – as long as he is against Urban.

And at Markie Zee, they now see a candidate who can meet the Prime Minister at home. Thanks to his “family values,” he can steal votes from frustrated Orban supporters and Jobbik voters.

Peter Markie Zee is a populist who, just like his future opponent, portrays himself as the man of the people against the elite.

But while Orbán portrays himself as Hungary’s defender against the European Union, Muslims and “LGBTQ theorists”, So Marky Z. has set his sights on the thriving local elite that Urban created during his years in power.

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