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Peter Zielsky couldn’t have done it better. The Italians are amazed. reprimand the opponent [WIDEO] Becca Nona

After the first goal of the season in Napoli, which he scored in the last away game against Sampdoria (4:0), Piotr Zielinski on Sunday scored an assist for him in the current competition. The 27-year-old Polish midfielder is still making a comeback after recovering from a muscle injury in the 11th minute. games He received a good pass from the right flank over the back line and brilliantly introduced the ball to the leg of the rushing Victor Osimhen, who had no problems defeating the opposing goalkeeper.

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Piotr Zieliński’s very good performance was appreciated by the Italian media, who highly appreciated his performance. The Italian Eurosport gave it a score of 6.5 (on a scale of 1-10). “He knew how to scold an opponent, as evidenced by the excellent cross that Osimin turned into a target,” said the explanatory note.

Zieliński in better shape! First pole help of the season [WIDEO]

Zieliński’s excellent score after the match against Cagliari

The same result was given to Zieliński by the portal, which reported his debut in Serie A – nine years of demo for the first time in Serie A against Cagliari. Sunday’s meeting was very good for him. Gate journalists wrote that when he is free, he speeds up and can monitor his teammates.

The portal gave a higher rating, which rated Zieliński’s performance as “7”. He continued to shoot well in the second half and had a few chances. But most of all, in one of them he kicked the ball wrong – added in the explanatory note.

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Piotr Zieliński played 69 minutes in this match. From the first minute the second pole also appeared – Cagliari defender Sebastian Walukewicz, who missed the first goal of Napoli, allowing Osimhen to pass into the penalty area. The 21-year-old stopwatch, who also received a yellow card, left the field at the same time as Zieliński.