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PKO BP Extraction: Pogo Szczecin - Piast Gliwice.  Direct coverage and results

PKO BP Extraction: Pogo Szczecin – Piast Gliwice. Direct coverage and results

Three coaches started working with teams from Extraclass in 2017. Three coaches from Pogo and Biast. Third is Mike Brownica in Krakow. However, the Beasts and Bogos are considered bands, playing according to the philosophy of their coaches. This will be Ranjaik’s twelfth clash with Fornalik.

The first several days took place after work at Ranjaikin Pogo and only two months under the leadership of Fornalik Biast. It was a 2: 2 draw in the cleavage in November 2017, but then the players struggled more with a completely flooded pitch in Schsein than the coaches cared about the rules given to them.

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Ranjaik’s match with Fornalik is tied so far. In matches against each other they led Pogo and Beast to win three matches and draw five times. The last confrontation between them took place in February this year. The bands played twice in three days. There was a goalless draw in the league, and several dozen hours later Beast won the Poland Cup 1-0.

Both coaches have great respect for each other. Runjaic insists on every step that you can see Fornalik’s hand in the Piast game. In turn, the former coach of the Polish national team admitted that he saw Pogoń among the contending candidates for the championship title in the current tournament, before going to Szczecin at the pre-match conference.

So far, after two rounds, Beast and Pogo have each won one game. In addition, Beast lost to Rako, and Bogos Krotzysk drew with Vezkopolsky with Dra Bosnas. After the last game, the band was criticized. The chase was in the lead from the 11th minute, after which he played with a player advantage (red card by Sukas Draca). The Szczecin players dominated, but they did not score the second goal, but they lost a goal that gave the Poznań players a point.

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Despite being drawn away from the European Games and drawn in Bosnia, there is hope in Pogo’s line-up. “After these matches, I’m sure we have a great season,” admitted Louis Mata, the left-back of “Portow” who had the best scores for the game at the start of the season.

The intense start of the season affected the players ’health. There are several indications that Ranjaik will not be able to use a few basic players. Alexander Gorgon and Rafa Kurzawa complain of muscle injuries. Mike Kucharsic did not finish the training session on Thursday and Dante Stibica missed the target. “We have a broad and well-prepared team and players and they should seldom get a chance,” Ranjaik said. There are several indications that Szczecin’s goal will be defended by Jacob Burst, who played in the last league match in May 2019 against Croatia at the end of the 2018/19 season.

“He’s a good and young goalkeeper, he’s been in Bogos for many years and he’s properly prepared to play against Beast,” Runzeik promised. Portovko’s coach knows that his team did not get much points in Gratzisk, but lost two. “We can add a second or third goal. We want to be a significant team in the league this season. So, as a team, we have to play better against Beast.

Chasing’s problem is the low performance that the team has struggled with since previous games. Luca Jahovic – Not a single goal has been scored in the first four matches of this season (league and conference trophy) and Pyotr Parsiக்ek (newly recruited) is not ready for the game throughout the game.

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“Our philosophy of the game is to keep the ball and play action for a long time. Of course, this is a long and difficult way to get goals, but that sounds like modern football. This is what I want to teach our young footballers. Performance emerges. We work all the time,” he said. Ranjak argued.

Live broadcast and results of the Pogoń Szczecin – Piast Gliwice match on Starting at 15:00.