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PKO Extraclassa: Tomas Passeni appointed Visa Graco’s sports director

The new head of the sports division must respond, among other things, to the transfer policy of “White Star”, who finished 13th last season. Passesny, 35, has been a scout for Arsenal since 2014. He was instrumental in finding talented footballers at the London Club: Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine and Russia. On his recommendation Christian Felix came to Arsenal from Legia Warsaw.

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Previously, Passeny worked for West Bromwich Albion and Legia Warsaw, and for several months in 2012-13, was the sports director of Krakow. He was also the legal advisor to the Asian Football Confederation.

Passesny, a graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Silesia, is a graduate of FIFA – sponsored by the prestigious FIFA Master Studies conducted jointly by the Universities of Leicester, Milan and Newcastle.

Arcadius Kovaci, Visa’s former sports director, however, resigned in June 2019 and became head of the scout department. Since then, the position of head of the sports division has not been filled, and decisions regarding transfers and staffing policy were made after a joint consultation with the coach by the three club owners and the board chairman.

Vistula officials, after last season’s defeat, decided to strengthen the game, and Passeni is committed to ensuring its efficient operation.

The Krakow team is waiting for a solid rebuild. Nine players have already left the team. Solimane Cohn, David Mouther, John Medvedev and Euros Radakovic have all returned to their clubs after their loan period. Agreements have not been renewed with: Rafes Bokowski, Walnet Pasha, Sukas Burlika and Jean Carlos, who are already in the Viksia Krakw region. The Brazilian went to Bogos Schkesin. On June 30, the contract for striker Alexander Books also expires.

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In their place, four new players were added. They are: Stopper Alan Eureka (more recently Visa Piog), winger Mathews Mayaski (Arca Guinea), Dutch midfielder Ashraf L. Mahdioy (FKAC Trencin) and forward Hubert Sopol (Le Bosna). In addition, contracts with two defenders, Adim Mehremik and Massij Chatlock, were extended.

A new coach is expected to replace Peter Hyballa, who was ruled out on May 14. Visa players will begin preparations for the new season from June 16.

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