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The X Nexchange Group and the Marita Group have teamed up to host a virtual conference in Africa …

The X Nexchange Group and the Marita Group have teamed up to host a virtual conference in Africa …

17.03.2021 – 13:46


Hong Kong (ots / PRNewswire)

First Africa Blockchain Week It runs from June 28 to July 1, 2021.

The NexChange Team, A blockchain environment and venture building, and Marita Group, An African joint venture, jointly hosts this virtual conference. The event will be attended by key industry players and decision makers who support discipline, utilization, investment and education in many African countries.

Juan Lee, Chairman Der Nexchange Group: “Africa is the next big step in blockchain. Not only do we see opportunities in payment and financial integration, we also see strong institutional commitment.”

In the new reality, technology has proven to be a bridge to a better future. Strong ties between African countries such as the Sixth HH Mohammed. Funded South-South cooperation is beyond pure politics. The new economic bridges ensure that Africa can avoid certain steps on a technological ladder, thus positioning itself ahead of the growth curve of other regions. The World Bank described this development and called it the “leap”. It relies heavily on advanced technologies such as blockchain.

Rahal Paulkout, Chairman Der Marita Group: Blockchain will revolutionize Africa and provide opportunities for fundraising. It is important to learn about blockchain technology in Africa. ”

The positive effects can be seen in the financial map of Africa. In recent years, digital banking and mobile payments have proven their worth to millions of users, improving people’s financial lives, ensuring inclusion and improving the situation for those without a bank account. Banks, companies and entrepreneurs are changing the fortunes of the continent and shaping the investment landscape.

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The event supports efforts by African regulators to enforce the regulations required to adhere to blockchain and become a leading global player in the technologies that shape the future. To implement this in Africa the organizers have set themselves the goal of making Africa Blockchain Week the most important platform for dialogue and networking among all stakeholders in the Blockchain area.

The Nexchange Group is a venture builder and media platform that specializes in Blockchain, Fintech, Healthtech, AI and Smart Cities.

Marita Group Holding is a global company.

- Schlüsselfertige Lösungen in den Bereichen Immobilienentwicklung, Themenparks, Smart Cities 
- Erneuerbare Energien und Abfallverwertung, Wasserstoffproduktion, Elektromobilität 
- Nachhaltige Landwirtschaft und nachhaltige Entwicklung 
- Lokale Erschließung natürlicher Ressourcen 
- Gesundheit, medizinische Produkte, Geräte und Zubehör 

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