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Plaid Model S modification breaks Tesla's speed record

Plaid Model S modification breaks Tesla’s speed record

The hacked Tesla Model S Plaid broke the speed record of any other Tesla on record It reaches 348 kilometers per hour.

The event took place on the runway at Trois-Rivières Airport in Quebec (located in Canada) and featured Guillaume André, CEO of Ingenext, an organization dedicated to selling units that helps unlock limited features in Tesla’s software.

“That car just raised the bar,” Andre said. “Electric cars produce a ton of power at low revs, but tend to vanish at higher revs, so it was really amazing to be able to demonstrate how you can achieve such high speeds,” he added.

To achieve this unprecedented success, it took three modifications to the Model S Plaid: removing the 282 km/h speed limit set by Tesla, swapping the brakes for larger, more powerful performance brakes, and using Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires.

In fact, the most difficult thing was getting a track long enough to slow the car after reaching high speeds, which was solved with the three kilometer Trois-Rivieres track. Fabulous!

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