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Players protesting in World of Warcraft against Activision Blizzard •

Players protesting in World of Warcraft against Activision Blizzard •

After filing a lawsuit for mistreatment of women.

Activision Blizzard was sued yesterday by a government organization for sexual assault of women. World of Warcraft players have decided to organize protests on the game’s servers – tell them computer games.

Large groups congregate in fixed locations to draw attention to the situation, show support for the women involved in the game, and even collect donations for charities.

– Society really strongly supports this action – says one of the organizers of the protests. – We have already exceeded the goal of our charity group and will continue to protest. The feeling of solidarity is really intense.

Several attendees reportedly canceled their subscriptions. However, a large percentage of players have uninterrupted six-month subscriptions, so they can’t “vote with their wallet” right away. Therefore, they take the opportunity to participate in the protests in the game.

Players are not the only ones expressing their indignation. Even World of Warcraft gamers for years, such as Asmongold, who recently contributed to the popularity of Final Fantasy 14, have joined in the criticism.

– This is not an accusation of an anonymous Internet user of resentment. These are the California authorities that have conducted a two-year investigation into Activision Blizzard and are now suing them, the broadcast said. – That’s not silly.

Criticism of the company also appears on the main Reddit related to World of Warcraft. Fans remind the company that in response to anonymous accusations against the voice actor a few years ago, his lines of dialogue were immediately removed from the game, and now – when more serious allegations are made against the company – management reacts completely differently.

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Activision Blizzard rejects most of the allegations in the lawsuit, considering them exaggerated. At the same time, the company asserts that it has done a lot in recent years to become a more open and friendly place to work.