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Podale.  The hot tubs in the saffron are reopened!  As a rehabilitation center

Podale. The hot tubs in the saffron are reopened! As a rehabilitation center

The Corasi Bodok hot bath in the Saflari in Bodel has reopened. Warm geothermal pools now serve as a rehabilitation center. Thus – as the owners say – they do not violate the ban on operating swimming pools introduced by the government.

Corezi Bodok is the first thermal swimming pool in Bodel, which resumed its operation on March 20. The rest, despite the geothermal water in their beds, are still covered.

The campus at Safflery has resumed its operations as a rehabilitation center, and may be operating to provide similar facilities – treatment services. Corci Bodok demonstrates that “the rehabilitation center provides access to water from hot springs, which has numerous healing properties. The health benefits of hot water are due to the enormous richness of the minerals in them. ‘The company says it has relaunched – as it reports on its website – a dozen or more medical rehab beds.

Which of you needs rehab ??? We accept from tomorrow: 12: 00-22: 00.
Balnotherapy – The use of hot water to improve health and vitality

Posted by Hot stream Friday, April 9, 2021

The effectiveness of geothermal water in the treatment of various diseases has long been scientifically proven. – Bathing in hot water is recommended for almost everyone. They help people with deformities of the joints and spine. They are also recommended for those struggling with rheumatoid arthritis or ankylosing spondylitis. A warm bath can also relieve discomfort caused by dyskopathy or various back pain symptoms. They are also recommended for injuries, surgical procedures on motor organs, or those with joint overload. Among the diseases for which the use of hot water is indicated are neuropathy, diabetes, atherosclerosis, arthritis and peripheral arterial circulation disorders. A hot bath can help a person struggling with depression to reduce their size – we read on the Coracio Bodok website.

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The campus emphasizes that it operates legally under the guidance of the health regime and the chief health inspector. Every person entering the pools should first undergo medical consultation. These take place in a tent set up in front of the entrance to the pools and ticket offices. According to the rules of the center, it is up to the doctor or physiotherapist to decide which treatments or which water basins the client should use.

Rehabilitation center Corazi Bodok reopened on Saturday, April 10th.