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Cherie A. Napoli won with Samptoria

Cherie A. Napoli won with Samptoria

After defeating Juventus, Assouri wanted to win the Serie A and needed to rebuild their hopes for the next meeting. Next Sunday, Gennaro Kattuso will play against the Milan captain.

From the start of the match, Pyotr Jiliaski was very visible on the pitch. After Matteo Politano went into the penalty area, he had a 100% chance to take the lead at the pole. Unfortunately, he wasted a great situation and missed the target. In the 22nd minute, the 26-year-old decided to create a flat cross and after a chaos in the penalty area, the defenders were finally able to clear the ball.

Samptoria was only able to respond with a free-kick. However, Manolo Kapiadini missed the target. On the other hand, Lorenzo Insine’s action grew into a fear. His shot from the left side of the penalty area caused great trouble for Emil Odero. In the end, Assuri scored only one corner. The spectators took a decent lead in the 35th minute. After a quick and consistent move, Pyotr Jiliaski played for Fiobyan Ruiz, who was able to beat the goalkeeper with a shot from outside the penalty area.

Shortly after the start of the second edition, Bardos Peresziasky provoked Kalido Koulibaly, who had received a yellow card for a fraud in the Polish national team. Several dozen seconds later, the Senegalese player stopped Manolo Kapiadini for making the most of the game. In the 51st minute, Giliuski could have had a win. After a good pass, the pole struck from a sharp angle, but Adero overcame the attempt.

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After an hour of play, the hosts tried to catch up. Fabio Guagliarella ran to the right and ran to the penalty area to score. David Ospina showed a certain intervention, not giving his rival a chance to finish.

The midfielder, who was born in Jabkovis Aleski, left the field in the 74th minute. After that, Samboria unexpectedly hit the net. After a deep cross from the corner, Morton Thorsby jumped on top of the ball and pushed it into the goal. After a VAR analysis, the referee found that he had improperly placed his hands on Coulibaly’s shoulders and denied the target. Victor Osimhen scored in the 87th minute. After Mertens’ pass, the Nigerian overtook May Yoshida and put the ball into the net near the net.

Samptoria Genoa – SSC Napoli 0: 2 (0: 1)

Goals: Fabian Ruiz (35), Victor Osimhen (87)

Yellow cards: Costas Manolas, Kalido Coulibaly, Harving Lozano

Samptoria: Emil Odero – Bardos Peresiasky, Maya Yoshida, Omar Goli, Tommaso Aguello – Antonio Contreva, Morton Thorsby, Michael Tomcard (86 Mehdi Leris), Jacob Jankto (86 Valerio Verre)

Naples: David Ospina – Giovanni de Lorenzo, Costas Manolas, Galito Coulibaly, Mario Roi – Matteo Politano (74 Harving Lozano), Fabian Ruiz (90 Timemoun Pacquiao), Diego Dem, Lorenzo Inzigin – (90)

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