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Pokémon officially presents the kiss scene between Ash and Serena

Pokemon Corporation On his YouTube channel, he presented one of the most eye-catching scenes and commentaries in the animated series Pokemon XYZ, Well, it is neither more nor less than From the romantic moment when Ash Ketchum and Serena kiss.

To put it in context, let’s remember that this was one of the most controversial scenes in the series, as there were doubts about whether or not the characters were accepted. After that, the director and producer of the anime talked about it, Noting that Pokemon trainers have already shown their affection with a good kiss, However, they were not allowed to view it live.

So, it’s interesting that we can now review this romantic scene in detail, thanks to the Spanish-language clip shared on official Pokemon accounts, which we share below:

Apparently, even though he wasn’t physical, Ash has grown and matured during all these years, enough to show interest and feel attracted to a pretty girl like Serena.

It should be noted that this scene was used by the Pokémon Company to congratulate all its fans during the past Valentine’s Day, so it seems that love is in the air between these two characters who may soon meet again in a new series of Pokemon Trips. In fact, their relationship was so terrible that some Fans actually imagine them as adults and carry their own children While enjoying a family moment.

What do you think of the kiss scene between Ash and Serena in the anime? Pokemon?

With information from the Pokemon Corporation.

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