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Three new G-Sync gaming monitors from the Predator lineup

The Predator Series is revamped with three additional gaming monitor models. Manufacturer Acer recently announced this at its Next @ acer press conference. Models are the Predator CG437K S, Predator X38 S, and Predator X28. Acer announces that all three displays are Display-HDR certified by VESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) and should be aimed at casual and professional gamers alike.

Predator CG437K S.

The first model announced, the Predator CG437K S, has a 42.5-inch (108 cm) UHD (3840 x 2160) screen. It is also compatible with Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. Two HDMI 2.1 connections should allow the connection between the display and existing game consoles, which thanks to VRR support, can handle 4K resolutions and a refresh rate of 120Hz. The monitor also has two USB 2.0 ports, two USB 3.0 ports, and a USB Type-C port. The integrated KVM switch must allow the monitor to be connected to multiple sources. VRB response time is 1ms.

The localized dimming, maximum brightness of 1000 nits, and high contrast ratios should have a positive effect on the rendering of details, while the Delta-E rating of less than 1 and color coverage of the DCI-P3 color space of 90% is available. The gaming monitor is also equipped with RGB strips of light that can be synced to music and media.

Additionally, Acer’s Colorense and Lightsense technologies should be able to recognize ambient lighting in order to adjust screen temperature and screen brightness accordingly. Acer’s Proxisense dims the screen when the user is absent, which the motion sensor should realize. The Predator CG437K S should appear in November 2021 and will cost 1,599 euros.

Predator X38 S

The second Predator is curved (2300R) with a 37.5-inch (95.3 cm) diagonal screen with 21: 9 format and UWQHD (3840 x 1600) resolution. DCI-P3 color space should be 98% and Delta-E rating less than 2. Refresh speed should be increased by 175Hz and response time 0.3ms (GtG).

The Predator X38 S also includes Acer’s Colorense and Lightsense as well as Predator Gameview, which provides the user with eight pre-defined but customizable display modes. Nvidia’s G-Sync also offers an Esports mode. This display preset is used in competitions and aims to provide low latency. This model from Predator Series contains Nvidia Reflex Latency Analyzer, which can measure system latency. Additionally, screen tearing can be avoided with Nvidia’s G-Sync Ultimate and vibration or input lag can be reduced. The Predator X38 S should appear in September 2021 and be available for 2,199 euros.

Predator X28 shoe

The third gaming display in the group, the Predator X28, is a UHD display with a 28-inch (71.1 cm) diagonal screen and frameless design, which makes the screen appear cramped. The Agile Splendor IPS display has a 155Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time (GtG). As with the other two models, G-Sync + Esports Mode, Reflex Latency Analyzer, Lightsense, Colorsense, and Proxisense are part of the Predator X28 repertoire.

Acer’s Bluelightshield Pro technology should monitor wavelengths at high power, filtering out blue light emissions while maintaining Delta E <1 color accuracy. The Predator X28 should be available from October 2021 and costs 1,199 euros.

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