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Valve is working with AMD to ensure Windows 11 compatibility with Steam Deck

Valve bills Steam Deck as a gaming laptop, a device capable of running just about anything a regular PC can, and all the features they’ve revealed to the device so far, including all the customization options, sure. Indicate that they will live up to those billing. But of course, with Windows 11 coming out soon and the promise of a changing future for the PC gaming scene in the coming years, one can’t help but wonder what that will mean for Steam Deck. PC Gamer recently spoke with Steam Deck designer Greg Coomer about the same thing, who said that Valve is not interested in Steam Deck compatibility and from working on the Trusted Compatibility Module (TPM) to working with AMD (on its hardware processors) to ensure compatibility with Windows 11, Valve is already taking steps to ensure that the device does not have problems in this area. “There is work to analyze the TPM at this time,” Kommer said. “We’ve been so focused on Windows 10 so far that we haven’t gotten that far. We expect we can meet that.” “It’s also a conversation going on with AMD to make sure that at the BIOS level, we can adapt to that,” he added. So there is nothing to tell us. There will still be an issue with Windows 11.” Valve said that Steam Deck was designed with future testing in mind, so it would make sense that Windows 11 compatibility is something the company has taken into consideration as well. Steam Deck launches in December with limited stock and in select regions of the world, with more waves over the course of 2022.

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