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Windows 11 will make you more productive by avoiding confusion, so how will it do that? | lifestyle

Surely on more than one occasion when you have been writing work to present in class or rushing to finish a spreadsheet that you have to send to a colleague, you have been lost due to a notification you weren’t expecting or a message from the operating system itself. Well, this is something you want to end up with. Windows 11.

as it was known By Panos Banay, which is no less than the product manager that Microsoft has for its operating system, the new version of its software will include a tool intended to improve focus when using a computer. This is called focus sessions. With it, after a quick and small configuration, you’ll focus on the work you have on hold without being interrupted by anything at all.

You can say that the goal is to achieve a Focus mode, which is something that exists in some devices such as mobile phones where a large number of options can be deactivated, if the user so desires, so that the most ignorant people are not suspended until they receive a WhatsApp message or an email from their Gmail account. The truth is that this was not yet present in previous Microsoft operating systems and we think it might be a complete success. By the way, what seems curious to us and we will see if the new tool is effective or not Built in Windows 11 Clock app.

What is known about the new job

Aside from the above, there is one thing that we have found to be the most striking and which will be vital to many: there will be the possibility to create timer So that the new focus mode is active. This way, you won’t have to be aware of disabling it when you’re done with the task you have at that time, until you’ve set the time you think you should use it. Once that has passed, your computer will work normally again. Besides, it is also worth noting that the tool will offer Integration with Spotify So you can keep the soundtrack in the background and work in the best possible way.

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Here are some other functions that I was able to figure out this new functionality that can be almost vital for those who work: It can be connected directly to the Tasks app to do So that everything is central; there will be Abstract How to use this tool; You can also set different parameters and filters so that everything adapts to your needs. Does this sound like a good idea to you with the arrival of Windows 11?