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Poland may close its borders with Ukraine

Published on 2024-02-28 17.37

Polish farmers protest EU agricultural policy and import of Ukrainian grain.  Archive photo.

Poland is considering temporarily closing the border with Ukraine to freight traffic, following widespread protests by farmers who demonstrated against, among other things, cheap grain imports from Ukraine.

– We are talking with the Ukrainian side about a temporary closure of the border, with a general cessation of trade, says Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk.

He will also discuss a potential solution, which he described as “mutually painful”, with disgruntled farmers on Wednesday. Tusk says any decision will be made in consultation with Ukraine.

The trade, which farmers describe as unfair competition, arose because Russia closed the Black Sea trade route that Ukraine had previously used for grain exports.

In order to help Ukraine financially, the European Union decided in 2022 to reduce customs duties on Ukrainian goods transported by land. But it has led to a significant portion of Ukrainian grain exports being backlogged in Poland – which is seen as hurting domestic producers.

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