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Police chase in Spånga after car hijacking – Porsche robbed

Police are chasing the four people who stole a person on a Porsche in Sponga in Stockholm this morning.

The perpetrators managed to escape and ran to Fallon where they hit a roundabout.

– We managed to push the car, but people fled in different directions, says Gabriel Henning, a police spokesman.

The police have issued a report searching for the perpetrators.

The four people who were said to have robbed someone during the morning on a Porsche in Sponga are now being hunted in Falun.

– We came out with a number of periodicals that are searching. We also have a dog helping us and a helicopter going around,” says Gabriel Henning, a spokesman for the Bergslagen Police District.

The men were found in a restaurant, after the caller saw that one of them was armed with a knife. When the police arrived at the scene, the four wanted perpetrators escaped with the car.

The car chase ended at a roundabout where the car collided with another car.

We could push the car, but people ran off in different directions, says Gabriel Henning.

The driver of the vehicle who was injured must be unharmed.

The police have now released a report on the men who fled on foot:

“Three of the men were described as being of dark skin and one of them being of light complexion. Two of them are said to have been wearing smooth pants with dark sweaters. A man was wearing a white shirt with dark pants and a hat, and the last one was wearing trousers and a gray shirt.”

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If you see people, you should call 112, Gabriel Henning urges.

The perpetrators hit in Spånga

In the morning, the police received an alert that someone had been stolen from their car in Sponga in western Stockholm. According to Aftonbladet’s information, it was a Porsche brand car.

The alarm came at 11.45.

– It is the driver of the car who was threatened with his car or the car in which he came. We have launched a preliminary investigation into the aggravated theft and have spoken with as many people as possible, says Tov Haag, a police spokesman for the Stockholm region.

The police searched for the car but did not want to give any further details about what it looked like. According to the police, the victim must not have suffered a physical injury in connection with the robbery. According to Aftonbladet’s information, the man was robbed by several masked people with things resembling a pistol.

A large search operation began with a large number of patrols, including helicopters, task forces and dogs.

Police operation in Spånga after the car hijacking.

picture: Anna Tarnovod