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Police Chief refers to Derek Chauvin

Police officer Derek Chauvin has been on trial for nearly two weeks. He is accused of causing the death of George Floyd by placing his knee in the neck.

During the trial, the defense claimed that George Floyd may have died from an underlying heart problem, or from the medications he was carrying in his body at the time.

But the prosecution and their expert witnesses indicated that the direct cause of death was that Floyd did not breathe air due to pressure on his neck.

Among the last heard during the trial were colleagues in Chauvin, and it is unusual for police to refer to each other in the United States, according to CNN.

“It never happened”

– That never happened before. You have cops, you have training police. Marilyn Mosby, a Baltimore attorney general, says you have the chief of police willing to testify about Chauvin’s violence.

Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Aradondo opposed what is often referred to as the “Blue Wall,” an unwritten rule that police officers do not refer to as colleagues accused of misconduct.

Suddenly there was no resistance, and quite obviously, when Mister Floyd gave no response, and was not moving anymore, to continue to use that force against someone handcuffed behind his back. He told the jury that there was nothing in any way part of our policy.

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