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Polish Chernobylite delayed on consoles due to 'unexpected problems' •

Polish Chernobylite delayed on consoles due to ‘unexpected problems’ •

The Polish Chernobylite should debut on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 7, but the developers had to change plans due to unexpected problems ?? With the console version.

The premiere of both versions will take place on September 28, it was announced in a press release. The following conversions – for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S – should be released later this year, although no specific date has yet been set.

?? After the successful release of the full version on PC and the very good reception by players and media, we want console users to be able to fully enjoy the game. Want to make sure the title goes to consoles in the best version?? – Confirms to the head of the publishing company All in! Games, Piotr Żygadło.

The latest release of Chernobylite – a Polish production from studio The Farm 51, which has spent nearly two years in the Early Access section on Steam – will be released on PC at the end of July.

The events, of course, take place in Chernobyl. From the base in Pripyat, the player sets out on new missions to earn resources. We must also assign tasks to our comrades, take care of their needs, manage them properly, and improve our facility. There is also an extensive story.

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