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Polish mass demonstrations in support of the European Union

The pro-EU protesters were organized by Donald Tusk, the former president of the European Union who is now the leader of the opposition Polish Citizens’ Platform (PO).

Many Poles support EU membership, according to opinion polls. At the same time, relations between Warsaw and Brussels have become increasingly strained since the Law and Justice (PIS) party took power in Poland in 2015.

Tusk had previously called on the population to “defend European Poland,” which he repeated in his speech in front of the castle in the capital, Warsaw. He has always warned that the ruling party is deliberately turning away from the European Union.

– We know why PIS wants to leave (EU). . . So that the Immunity Protection Party can infringe on democratic rights, he told the audience surrounded by the light of police buses.

Speakers from almost all opposition parties, as well as representatives of human rights organizations and the country’s cultural life, participated in the demonstrations.

State television company TVP reported on the demonstrations with the illustrative subtitle “Protests against the Constitution,” as Reuters wrote.

PIS says the party has no plans to leave the EU.

The demonstrations, which were organized according to the organizers in about a hundred places in Poland and in several cities abroad, began at six o’clock on Sunday evening.

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