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The President of the Czech Republic is looked after at the IVA – the day after the elections

Videos on social media show how a queue with an ambulance and black cars left Lány’s home, west of the capital, Prague.

A spokesman for the Prague Military Hospital confirmed Zeman had been taken for treatment. The president’s doctor spoke Sunday afternoon, then confirmed that the president was in intensive care.

The health of 77-year-old Zeeman has long been the subject of speculation. The president’s staff remained silent about his condition, but, according to Czech media, he suffers from severe liver problems.

Before Zeman was taken to hospital, according to Czech media, he spoke with Prime Minister Andrej Babis about the formation of the government, after the unexpected electoral loss of the populist Pape party, the Movement of Discontented Citizens (ANU). He had previously been hospitalized due to dehydration and exhaustion, reports the tabloid Bliss, which also wrote that the president had cirrhosis of the liver.

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Billionaire’s controversial party Anu narrowly lost its majority in Prague’s lower house, but the president, who is politically close to Pappe, has previously said he intends to task the largest party with forming the government – not the largest bloc. It would give Babis some chance to stay in power, even if it seems he’s not getting enough support for such a move at the moment.

The coalition of the bourgeois party together, led by Peter Fiala, together received 27.8 percent of the vote, slightly more than Annos’ 27.1 percent. Together with another bloc made up of the Pirate Party, liberal, pro-European and independent mayors, the opposition is allowed to fill 108 of the 200 seats in the lower house, and Villala said when the result was clear that he would now ask Zeman to do so. He appoints him to form the government.

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Leaving ‘Probably’

Otto Ebel, chair of the Department of Political Science at Maasai University in the second city of Brno in the Czech Republic, believes that Pape’s reign is over.

– He will most likely be allowed to resign, he tells AFP.

Others aren’t quite sure.

– We know Zeman now. We know how he thinks and how he acts. Given his health, he may think carefully about the situation and come to a different conclusion, even if that is not the most likely, Thomas Lepeda, an analyst at Palaki University in Olomouc, told AFP.