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Pope Regina Coeli: Invoking the Holy Spirit in Times of Doubt and Trial

Pope Regina Coeli: Invoking the Holy Spirit in Times of Doubt and Trial

Pope Francis celebrated Pentecost and invited believers to listen to the Holy Spirit “who carries the Gospel of Jesus in our hearts” and teaches us how to overcome distance.

Charlotte Smedes – Vatican

After the Pentecost Mass, Pope Francis Regina Cole prayed the last of the year from the window of the Apostolic Palace and stated in his meditation that Jesus says in today’s liturgy to the disciples: “And I will remind you of all that I have said to you” (John 14:26).

This is what the Spirit does, said the Pope: It teaches us and reminds us of what Christ said.

Let us reflect on these two works, to learn and remember, because in this way the gospel of Jesus gives a place in our hearts.

The Holy Spirit teaches

The Pope added that the Spirit, in teaching us, helps us to overcome the obstacle that appears to us in our life of faith: distance.

Doubt can arise “when there is a great distance between the Gospel and everyday life: Jesus lived two thousand years ago, they were different times, different situations, and therefore the Gospel seems old, unable to speak to our present moment, with its demands and problems.”

Then the question arises: What does the Bible say in the age of the Internet and globalization? What effect can his words have? “

Bridge construction specialist

Pope Francis said: “The Holy Spirit specializes in building bridges where there is distance. He teaches us how to overcome it.”

The pope made it clear that he associates Jesus’ teachings with “every time and every person”.

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With him lives the word of Christ today!

The Pope said that it is the Spirit who makes the word of Christ alive for us and shows that through the Bible it addresses and guides us in the present moment.

“He does not fear the passing of centuries. Rather, he draws the attention of the faithful to the problems and events of their days. When the soul teaches, he keeps things fresh: he always keeps the faith young,” said the Pope.

As we risk ‘turning the faith into a museum,’ the Pope said, ‘the Spirit makes it happen.’

“The Holy Spirit is not associated with past covenants or fashion, but it does make Jesus, standing and inspired, relevant today.”

The Holy Spirit helps us remember

To do this, continued the Pope, the Spirit helps us to remember and restore the place of the Gospel in our hearts.

Just like the apostles who listened to Jesus many times but did not understand much, “They remembered and understood from Pentecost onwards, with the help of the Holy Spirit.”

“The Spirit changes our lives: He makes the thoughts of Jesus become our thoughts. He does this by reminding us of his words.”

Pope Francis concluded by calling on Christians to listen to the Holy Spirit, because “without the Spirit that reminds us of Jesus, faith is forgotten.”

Let’s ask ourselves if we Christians forget the love of Jesus and fall into doubt and fear as soon as we go through a setback, trial, or crisis.

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The Pope concluded his speech by saying: “The solution is to summon the Holy Spirit, especially in important moments, before making difficult decisions.”

Let us take the gospel into our own hands and invoke the Holy Spirit. We can say, “Come, Holy Spirit, remind me of Jesus, enlighten my heart.” Then we open the Bible and slowly read a small passage. And the Holy Spirit will make him speak to our hearts.