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The little prince steals the show during the celebration

The little prince steals the show during the celebration

It was Thursday, when Queen Elizabeth, 96, and parts of the royal family gathered on the balcony of Buckingham Palace to greet the people, Prince Louis groaning loudly and covering his ears as several projector planes hovered over the castle.

His spontaneous reactions and facial expressions made many smile.

The prince shined in his absence when Duchess Kate and Prince William visited Wales with their two oldest children, Princess Charlotte, 7, and Prince George, 8.

Bored at the show

But at the anniversary parade on Sunday, the youngest prince attended the ceremony again, when the whole family clashed during the big anniversary parade.

It didn’t take long before Prince Louis started to get a little bored and find it difficult to sit still in the chair. He moves in place up and down, closes his eyes, extends his arms and turns with his mouth.

The Duchess keeps eye on the prince, but at the same time seems to be enjoying the situation.


Prince Louis has become the new favorite among the people, with his big gestures and sincere facial expressions during the Queen’s celebration.

picture: Chris Jackson / AFP TT

Duchess Kate stays with Prince Louis.

picture: Frank Augustin / TT News Agency

Mike Tindall tells Prince Louis that he is watching him.

picture: Ian Vogler News Agency / AP TT

The Queen appears – after worrying

Many Britons sat nervously and wondered if they should have seen the Queen in her high person during the last day of the ceremony – and she finally showed up.

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At 6pm, Queen Elizabeth came out onto the balcony of Buckingham Palace in a green suit while smiling and waving to the playing of the national anthem. Shortly thereafter, she returned to the castle.

Queen Elizabeth appears at Buckingham Palace, following speculation over whether her health will stop the performance.

picture: Hannah McKay/Avalon/Stella Pictures/Hannah McKay/Avalon Avalon

The 96-year-old has been absent twice during the week. This is because she had difficulty moving.

“I think we’ve had a feeling all weekend that she’s trying to save energy. So I hope it’s because she’s going to want to make an appearance in the Grand Final this weekend,” says royal expert Rhiannon Mills. Sky News.

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The prince’s many facial expressions were captured in a movie.