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Pray for someone else to be saved

Devastation in Kentucky, USA.

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Devastation in Kentucky, USA.

Rescue workers search large fields of debris for survivors, after nearly 30 tornadoes devastated six US states.

The storm may have killed more than 100 people, according to Andy Beecher, Kentucky State. About 70 people are feared to have died in Kentucky, and 36 deaths have been confirmed from five other states.

– I pray that another person is saved, says Bashir as rescue workers dig among the ruins of the factory.

A tornado tore a 320-kilometer track in the ground in Kentucky alone, smashing a nursing home and distribution center of internet giant Amazon and destroying a lighting factory in Mayfield.

In total, it is estimated that tornadoes may lick the ground at a distance of about 400 km, which may be a record in the United States, according to the researchers.

“Step Above the Dead”

We had to get past the dead to get to the victims who were alive, says Mayfield Rescue Chief Jeremy Creson.

Timber from destroyed buildings and tattered trees cover the grounds in the city of 10,000 people. Deformed sheet metal and wrecked vehicles lined the roads, and roofs and windows blew off over the still-surviving buildings.

One of the survivors is Kiana Parson Perez, who used to work in a candle factory. It was stuck under a meter and a half of debris.

– I didn’t think I would, she told NBC, calling the incident “the scariest she’s ever been through.”

110 people were at the factory when the storm hit. 40 of them were rescued.

Biden promises support

With the storm now moving east across the country, more severe weather is feared.

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US President Joe Biden said he has been following developments closely and that states can now rely on federal aid.

“I want to reiterate what I said to governors (in affected states): The federal government will do everything, everything it can to help,” the president said.

Biden also says he will visit the affected areas soon when conditions allow.

– I said I’d like to go there, but I don’t want to be in the way. We won’t be in the way of work to save and rebuild, but I plan on going.

The western United States is also riven by extreme weather, and Biden says climate change caused by human environmental degradation may play a role.

We all know that everything gets denser when the climate gets warmer, everything.