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Secret documents may be reviewed in Trump investigation

Trump Residence Mar-a-Lago.  Archive the image.
Trump Residence Mar-a-Lago. Archive the image.

The US Department of Justice is again allowed to review classified documents seized during a search of Donald Trump’s Florida residence in August, a federal court decides.

The ruling is a setback for the former president, who, under a previous court order, managed to temporarily prevent investigators from reviewing the documents, indicating they would be reviewed by an independent investigator first.

The new ruling means the Justice Department can now go back to reviewing the seized documents and ultimately decide whether to press charges.

The court also notes that Trump provided no evidence that he would have declassified about 100 classified documents that were found, which he himself claimed.

In the raid on Trump’s Mar-a-Lago residence, which also serves as a members’ club, the FBI took 33 boxes of materials. It contained more than 100 classified documents. Among other things, there was such in Trump’s office.

The published search warrant shows that the FBI is investigating potential violations of three federal laws, the most serious of which falls under the Espionage Act. The suspicions are not related to direct espionage, but to the collection, publication, or loss of classified material.

Trump previously claimed the campaign was politically motivated.

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