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Premier League leaders attack Newcastle ‘green-eyed beast’

All Premier League clubs except Newcastle have been invited to meet with the Saudis who will join Newcastle as the main topic. A chance to see the champions of the tournament convey their deep disagreement over the emergence of the “green-eyed monster” who aims to fight for the first places.

The arrival of the Saudis in Newcastle is far from making the people happy only in England. At a meeting organized by the Premier League on Tuesday, during which all the clubs in the tournament attended except for the newly wealthy, the magpie was the main topic discussed. Several high-profile names such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Tottenham, Arsenal and Everton have protested the emergence of a public investment fund within the British football elite. according to daily Mail, a leader would have called Newcastle a “green-eyed monster”.

The main fear for these clubs is to see the Toons fighting for the top spots: “They are nervous because the precious places in the Champions League are suddenly more difficult to find,” one of the officers present said. The possibility of Newcastle attracting a new shirt sponsor to increase their income is also a topic of debate. With huge money already, the English club can invest significantly with this new owner from Saudi Arabia.

“It’s mainly a problem for the big clubs”

If the top clubs in the Premier League are concerned about the Saudis arriving at Newcastle, this is not the case for smaller teams in England. According to the English media, if the issue of the fight for maintenance was raised, the arrival of the PIF would not bother them too much: “It is mainly a problem for the big clubs, even if this arrival will have an immediate impact on the fight to keep them. A lot of small clubs are very comfortable about That,” said an executive who attended the meeting.

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For its part, the Premier League confirmed, in front of the anger of the major clubs, that it had no option to agree to the acquisition agreement for Newcastle. Faced with the assurances given by the Saudis that there would indeed be a separation between Saudi Arabia as a state and the Public Investment Fund that owns the club, the English body could not oppose the PIF.