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Premier League. Previous players interact. Gary Neville criticizes the new creation. What’s next for the Champions League?

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From Sunday to Monday, twelve European giants have announced the creation of the Premier League. Creating new competitions is to make football more attractive to the masses. The problem is that many of them are dissatisfied with the revolution taking place in football. The idea was rated negatively by many former footballers.

I think I’ll stop watching football. Football as far as I know is no longer the same – Bakary Sagna, a former Arsenal and Manchester City player, among others, has written on social media.

Once again, Gary Neville rated the project negatively. In his opinion, English clubs wanting to play in the Premier League think they can earn an extra 300 million each season and then compete in the Premier League with such an advantage on weekends. – Points deduction, high fines and a ban on carriage – this, according to a SkySports expert, should be waiting for the Super League founders.

“It’s embarrassing,” said Rio Ferdinand, the former Manchester United defender. “It goes against everything football is about.”

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– What about the fans? They were forgotten just because of the money? Mika Richards asks.

– This is an attack on our football, on our love and our passion! – Jan Ajjortoft, a former Norwegian footballer, has not gone into hiding.

Arsenal’s actions have been commented on by club legend Ian Wright. In his opinion, the gunner’s decision in this matter was completely shameful.