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President Joe Biden comments on the results of the midterm elections

President Joe Biden comments on the results of the midterm elections

Biden mentioned a number of different proposals he got during his time in the White House, not the least of which were the major infrastructure investments he’s now beginning to roll out. And that “the epidemic is now no longer controlling our lives.”

He saw the Democrats’ results offer:

We have lost fewer seats than any president in the midterm elections in the last 40 years.

Biden also pressed How he was able to work with Republicans and that 210 bipartisan bills were reached during his time in the White House. Biden said he is willing to work with Republicans in the future.

—But I wouldn’t agree with any Republican proposal to increase inflation, he said, noting that he wanted to see tax breaks for the middle class and not for the high earners.

– I will veto the deterioration of Social Security.

was a satisfied chief, With First Lady Jill Biden, speaking from the White House on Wednesday evening. The wave of Republican success that Democrats had feared did not happen.

And despite the fact that Biden will now have a much more difficult road ahead when it comes to getting his proposals done, the midterm elections look a lot better for Democrats than most analysts and pollsters think.

“I want to see the country unite and I think the debate has improved,” said Biden, who said Republicans who support what he believes are more extreme views are in the minority:

Most people I know are good people, even if we don’t agree on everything.

Biden also said that other world leaders are concerned about whether the United States will continue to be the open democracy that the United States has been.

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Biden said they wonder if we’re back to the point where we accept the decisions our institutions make.

Biden’s speech comes in one your location The Democrats seem to have stopped the heavy losses many pollsters had predicted. The decline of the incumbent’s party in the midterm elections is natural and expected. Now it looks like the Democrats have managed to reduce the issue significantly.

And on Wednesday evening, it was not yet clear how the power relations in Congress would end. In the Senate, the Democrats can maintain the 50-50 position that prevails now, while losing power in the House seems difficult to avoid. There, Republicans have roughly 210 of the 435 deputies at 7 a.m. on Thursday Swedish time.

If Republicans gain increased authority in the House of Representatives, many of them have said they want to start a series of investigations, including with Joe Biden’s son Hunter Biden. In his speech on Wednesday, Biden said he can’t control this, but he believes the American people want to see politicians devote themselves to other causes.

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The question of whether Joe Biden should In the upcoming presidential election, in an effort to secure a second term in the White House, he received no response regarding Biden’s speech on Wednesday night.

polling commission polls Regarding Tuesday’s election, it clearly showed that a clear majority of voters want to see a different president than Biden in 2024. In a poll, 70 percent of respondents said they wanted a different presidential candidate.

To a direct question, Biden replied that he and his wife intended to run for him again.

– But there will be a debate within the family. I don’t feel any rush, Biden said.

– We will make that decision next year, but now I plan to do it.

Biden told those who didn’t want him to run in the next presidential election:

– Look at me!

At the same time, the president again succeeded in mixing two different wars, this time with Russia’s withdrawal from Kherson with Fallujah in Iraq.

Many strategists are talking news agency Reuters The Democrats’ relative success means Biden is now resting and can make a decision about his future. One of them, Jennifer Holdsworth, says she thinks Biden would win if he ran in 2024:

President Biden will run for re-election, he should, and he will win. He led an incredibly successful administration and is seen by the American people. Holdsworth says Republicans should not underestimate him.