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Vote counting is in full swing in many states – new elections for the Senate will be held in Georgia

Vote counting is in full swing in many states – new elections for the Senate will be held in Georgia

The Democrats took 48 seats and Republicans appear to have 49 of the 100 Senate seats. On Wednesday night, Wisconsin appears to be headed to the Republicans. This means that results in Nevada, Arizona, and Georgia determine which party gets the majority.

In Georgia, there is a tough race between current Democratic Senator Reverend Raphael Warnock and former Republican sports star Herschel Walker. After 99 percent of the votes have been counted, none of the candidates will receive at least 50 percent of the vote, which is required to ensure victory.

New round – expect low participation

Now she is waiting for a second round of elections in Georgia on December 6. The state, along with Nevada, Arizona, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, the so-called “swing states,” are the main wave states, and elections in December could be crucial to Senate majority status. Fewer voters than Tuesday will turn out to vote in December, says SVT reporter Stefan Osberg.

There is noticeably less interest in the second round of elections and there is a certain resistance to going to the polls in December, and it may be difficult to get people to go to the polls.

In Arizona, current Democratic senator and former astronaut Mark Kelly has a relatively safe lead over Republican Blake Masters. But there are still 400,000 votes to be counted and it is not yet possible to say who will win. Vote counting is expected to continue there until Friday.

In Nevada, where Republican challenger Adam Laxalt is narrowly ahead of incumbent Democrat Catherine Cortez Mastro, vote counting may last up to two weeks, Stefan Osberg notes.

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‘Abortion case galvanized Democrats’

So it looks like the Republicans are ready to win the House. There was talk of the red wave before the election, but the Republicans’ success was not as much as many had expected. There are several reasons for this, according to Stefan Asberg.

The abortion issue appears to have galvanized Democrats in several states. Trump held 26 campaign meetings during the month of October, but he pushed Democrats to vote against Republican candidates rather than support Republican candidates, he says in the L’Aquitelet.