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Trump’s favorite Arizona candidate is already questioning the election — if she loses

The Arizona election resembles a repeat of the 2020 election, when Trump narrowly lost and immediately came out with allegations of widespread fraud in favor of Joe Biden.

The electoral battle was very evenly matched both in the struggle for the position of governor and for a single state seat in the Senate. No decision was made until after midnight local time.

Like what happened two years ago, the accusations of cheating – without any concrete evidence – come from the Republican side.

Carrie Lake is one of those candidates across the United States, who has described himself as more loyal to Trump, and is said to be one of the former president’s favorites. She made alleged election fraud two years ago a cornerstone of her campaign, repeatedly saying that as governor she would not have approved of Biden’s victory.

Her focus on this was so strong that David Axelrod, a former adviser to President Obama, called her the “warrior queen of voting deniers” while monitoring the election on CNN.

Lake is a former Fox10 news anchor in Arizona. She left that position in 2021 and has since devoted herself to attacks on the “left media” – including in a campaign feature where she smashes televisions with a sledgehammer.

Lake does not just deny the results of the 2020 elections – She wonders at the same time about the validity of the elections in which she herself participates. To questions about whether she would accept the loss, she answered vaguely several times during the election campaign. She also asked about postal votes and voting machines and how the elections were organized.

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Ironically, her Democratic opponent, Katie Hobbs, is the same person who green-lighted the election results two years ago as Secretary of State.

On election night, when the numbers indicated that Hobbs had won, She showed you once again that she will not accept loss.

In a speech to poll workers, she drew direct parallels to the 2020 election. She said it felt like “Groundhog Day” — after the ’90s movie where Bill Murray’s character lives on the same day over and over again.

We need fair elections, and we’ll make sure they come, Arizona. The system we have now is not working.

Two years ago it was Arizona A pivotal point in the “Stop the Theft” movement that questioned Biden’s victory. There is a high risk of this happening again.

Early on Election Day, news emerged that so-called tabulation crews — machines that sort votes — encountered technical problems at several polling stations in Phoenix. Despite the fact that the problems were resolved relatively quickly, and despite the fact that all voters had the opportunity to vote, this incident in right-wing circles really turned out to be a profit because the elections did not go right.

Arizona is also in focus because a majority in the US Senate can be determined here. And Blake Masters, the state’s nominee in that election, is also a Trump loyalist who has questioned the outcome of the 2020 election — although he removed that language from his campaign page this summer.