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President Mnangagwa is in Zimbabwe

President Mnangagwa is in Zimbabwe

Electoral College Chair Priscilla Chigumba told a news conference in the capital, Harare, that Mnangagwa, 80, won 52.6 percent of the vote compared to 44 percent for opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, 45.

The result comes after voting in Wednesday’s elections was extended to Thursday. Among other things, the lack of ballot papers prompted Mnangagwa to decide to extend voting – which in turn led to accusations from the opposition of electoral fraud and disenfranchisement.

Election observers from the European Union and the African Union criticized Friday’s elections for not being fair and democratic.

Shortly after the official results were announced on Saturday, Chamisa’s Citizens’ Alliance for Change party announced it would not recognize them.

– Spokesperson Promise McEwans says: – We reject any results collected in haste without proper verification.

Mnangagwa, nicknamed “the Crocodile”, came to power in Zimbabwe in 2017, following a coup against then-President Robert Mugabe, who ruled the country for 37 years.

Even when Emmerson Mnangagwa narrowly won the 2018 elections, also against Nelson Chamisa, there were big question marks about the electoral process.

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