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Rain in Oslo – the weather is off

It is advised to drive in the center of Oslo: do not drive at all

Updated 13:02 | Posted at 08:26

A heavy rainstorm also hit Oslo during the night.

Emergency services are being called through storm emergency calls.

Many roads were closed due to the floods.

Heavy rain fell on the Norwegian capital on Saturday evening and caused major problems.

The alarms were completely sunk. More than 2,000 calls were received to the rescue service in connection with the storm.

We now only have the ability to carry out missions that could destroy critical infrastructure or threaten life and health, the 110 Emergency Center said.

During the morning, they plead with residents not to call unless they are in dire need. Those who have water in their homes are being asked to preserve their valuables and to contact their insurance companies directly.

Rainy chaos in Oslo.
Rainy chaos in Oslo.

Many roads, including the E6 and E18, were closed for several stretches and cars were stuck in bodies of water.

– There are many cars stuck in big piles of water and tow trucks don’t have the capacity to take everything. Per Ivar Iversen of the Oslo police said at 3 p.m. yesterday that some cars would probably still be parked.

And I advised residents early in the morning not to go out on the roads.

– Due to heavy rain and large amounts of water on many roads, road users are advised to avoid driving towards central Oslo during the morning, the Norwegian Transport Administration wrote on Platform X, formerly known as Twitter.

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The rain causes problems for trains, and a section on the Bergen line has been closed.

And in the morning the rain subsided somewhat.

Those who worked last night had their hands full of the rain that was and is still partly going on. It has decreased somewhat in and around Oslo, and hopefully it will improve during the morning, says traffic operator Ton Sorkin. to NRK At 07:00 on Sunday morning.