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Mass demonstrations against a new media team in Poland – News (ECOT)

We want free notification, we want to hear what’s happening here in Poland. I and all young people in Poland should think about our future, says Pjotor, a protester in Warsaw.

A change in the law that can be voted on today would in effect leave the Poles with only state-owned media channels, which many in the country view as purely propaganda.

Deputy Prime Minister of the country Jaroslav Guin has spoken out against the introduction of the law. And the night before today’s vote, news came that the country’s prime minister, of the conservative Law and Justice party, had asked the president to fire Gwen.

Gwin leads the Accord Party, which since 2015 has governed with Law and Justice under the coalition known as the United Right. Without the Concord votes, the United Right lacks a majority in Parliament.

This is not the first time The country’s media feels under attack from the rulers. Christina stands some distance from the stage. She remembers the time when the state owned only state-owned media and how it affects people’s ability to make well-founded decisions.
We cannot make good decisions without knowledge. I remember when we only had the media in town and there was no freedom of speech and we only knew what the government wanted us to know.

Before voting, it seems Very evenly and getting rid of Gwen can be considered a political sign, because Gwen does not follow the line of government. But it’s not just about the controversial media law, but also the proposed tax reforms from Law and Justice that Gwen’s party has criticized.

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Is not also in the demonstration. Here she is by herself, although she usually goes with her parents, but she does not feel lonely.
– I’m here by myself, but not alone because we are many who think the same and I am glad to be here.