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Prigozhin sent wine from Bashmut on Women’s Day

Prigozhin sent wine from Bashmut on Women’s Day

The advance of the Wagner group in Bachmut led to their occupation since December of the local winery, where sparkling wines are produced. Prigozhin’s press service has now released a video in which the Wagner boss allegedly signs boxes of sparkling wine from Bachmut, which will be sent to civilian Ukrainian women on International Women’s Day, according to British reports. telegraph.

In the post on Prigozhin’s Telegram channel, it was reported that “a truckload of wine” had been sent. An ironic message as Prigozhin’s mercenaries seem to be closing in on victory at Bashmut.

The Telegraph has not been able to verify that the video was shot at Bachmut.

Strengthening the defense of the city

Analysts had earlier speculated that Ukraine, which had suffered heavy losses defending the city, would withdraw from the besieged city for tactical reasons as Russian forces approached from the east, north and south. But on Tuesday, the country’s president, Volodymyr Zelensky, announced that after a meeting with the General Staff, they had agreed to strengthen the city’s defense.

– I asked the commander to find the right forces to help the guys in Bashmut, – said Zelensky in his evening address, which was posted on social media. According to TT.

The Wagner Group also suffered heavy losses in the attack against Bashmut. Thousands of its soldiers died, many of them convicted criminals recruited from Russian prisons. Both Ukrainian sources and former Wagner soldiers witnessed human waves being sent against the Ukrainian positions, again and again.

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