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Prime Show MMA 2 Card Changes!  Injured a week before the Gala

Prime Show MMA 2 Card Changes! Injured a week before the Gala

At the pre-prime show MMA 2: Cosmos conference, Damien “Djik” Graf announced a serious injury that he contracted in the last sparring session. However, the organization found an alternative to fight Maciej Rataj. He is a seasoned competitor.

Arthur Babics

Damien Graf

YouTube / Photo by: Damien Graf

The clash of two participants of the “Warsaw Shore” project was one of the most exciting fights on the Prime Show MMA 2: Cosmos Fights. Because of the real fight between Maciej Rataj and Damian “Dzik” Graff. Ultimately, though, humans won’t settle it in a cage.

At the last press conference before the Prime Show MMA 2 Gala, Damian Graf announced that Bennett had suffered a broken bone. Last Friday he suffered this usual injury for representatives of martial arts.

– I am the first to regret these products. The last month has been a very tough training session. I don’t even drink on my birthday. Damien Graf said during the conference that he wanted to come out with only one able hand at the start, but realized that the competitor would win by chance and brag about winning with a handicap.

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However, organizers were quick to find a replacement. Maciej Rataj takes on Mikołaj ‘VanDal’ Rdzanek. The fight will be K-1 in small gloves. The new competitor will not debut in martial arts, as he has already fought in popular MMA. However, he did not make a successful debut there, as he lost by decision to Jakub Posteremczak in the only fight.

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The Prime Show MMA 2 Gala will be held on Saturday, July 9 at 20:00. This time Freak Fighters will face Arena Gdynia. Norman Park and Kreskors Szulakowski will perform during the evening’s fight.

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