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Prosecutors: Trump tried to hide classified documents

During an FBI raid earlier in August, security services were prevented from inspecting a storage bin and “there were likely attempts to obstruct the government’s investigation” during the campaign. This is now stated in a new letter from the Ministry of Justice.

The letter provides the strongest evidence yet that former US President Donald Trump deliberately attempted to conceal classified material.

Pictures show classified documents

On August 8, the FBI raided the former president’s residence and found more than 100 classified documents. A total of 320 secret documents were seized, of which more than 100 were seized in the raid.

Attached to the new message is a photo from inside Mar-a-Lago where some secret documents were scattered on the former president’s grounds.

Incorrect and incomplete listing

Now the Justice Department says Donald Trump and his administration have tried to assert a “false and incomplete narrative” as their defence. Trump himself has asked the Supreme Court to appoint a so-called “Special Mr.” to the investigation.

A private master is a third party attorney appointed by the court to oversee certain parts of a court case. If such a person is assigned to the investigation, he will have the opportunity to participate in the evidence and to remove the seized material, which is covered by the confidentiality of the client and the lawyer.

Materials withheld from the FBI

The latest revelation is believed to stand in the way of Donald Trump’s ability to gain access to a private master, as the letter shows how he failed to return dozens of classified documents – even after his lawyer announced that all the materials had been returned.

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The attorney general wrote in the report that “the government has provided evidence that documents from the government may have been hidden or removed from storage” in an attempt to obstruct the government’s investigation.

“The letter includes evidence indicating that the boxes previously in the room were not returned prior to counsel’s review,” the prosecutor wrote.

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When Donald Trump left the presidency in January 2021, he took documents with him to his Florida residence. picture: Reuters