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Publication postponed to early 2022

The hugely popular MMO Lost Ark should come to us in the West this year. Developers have now Blog post It was announced on the game’s official page that the title would not be released until the beginning of 2022.

Alpha Tech was held in June of this year, allowing early testers to try out the title. After that, the developers were very busy translating scripts, fixing bugs, and setting up the server infrastructure. As you write in your post, there is still a lot of work to be done to give the title the quality that players see “to earn”.

The release of the title has been delayed, but interested players will still get the chance to play Lost Ark this year. There will be a closed beta for the game from November 4-9 and feedback from the community will help develop the title further. Lost Ark Founder Pack purchasers will get guaranteed access to the trial version, while everyone else will be able to check out the game page for record this And with luck you will get a key.

The developers also mention that they want to post an update on their previous development work every month in the future “more open” To be with the community. Additionally, the game’s official forum and Discord server will open their doors in October, where players can share and discuss their experiences in the closed beta.

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This ad received somewhat negative reactions on Reddit. Some users are speculating that the title has just been delayed so as not to compete with Amazon Game Studios’ new MMO, New World. Amazon Games also serves as the publisher of Lost Ark for the West.

Regardless of whether that’s really the case or the developers really need more time to finalize the title, it’s certainly unfortunate that the waiting time for Lost Ark is now a little bit longer.

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