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Punch in the stomach – incredibly angry

Punch in the stomach – incredibly angry

Center Party climate and energy policy spokesman Ricard Norden is highly critical of the government’s announcement that the climate bonus for new car purchases will be scrapped, Expressen writes. He says the decision will mean that fewer people will buy an electric car and that the chance of reaching climate goals will be reduced.

It’s a punch in the stomach for anyone planning to buy an electric car in the future, he says.

Green Party spokesman Per Boland is highly critical. He tells Expressen TV that the government is “breaking every bit of Swedish climate policy that is working so well”.

– I am incredibly angry, it is a government consisting only of hollow words. They say they stand behind the climate goals but they are clearly doing everything to crush them, says Poland.

Getty Gotland (Q), a member of the Riksdag’s Environment and Agriculture Committee responsible for climate issues, told DN that the decision was “very bad” in light of the ongoing climate summit in Egypt.

I think a lot of people were surprised by the rapid dismantling of climate policy. She says voters should have known this before the election.

Prior to the election, the SD was the only party that pushed the limit to eliminate the bonus altogether. Other parties in the right-wing bloc said they wanted to reduce it.

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