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Top Republicans: If we win, Biden will be investigated

Top Republicans: If we win, Biden will be investigated

If this is the case, then intense investigations will be opened against President Joe Biden and his government, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy says in an interview with CNN.

McCarthy says potential investigations may be the US withdrawal from Afghanistan and the origin of the coronavirus pandemic. He is also keeping the door open to possible impeachment, which the most radical representatives of his party have pushed.

– Kevin McCarthy says: We will not use isolation for political purposes, but at the same time stresses that there can still be cases where it can still be used.

The 57-year-old Republican minority leader is expected to take over as House Speaker from Democrat Nancy Pelosi if McCarthy’s party wins the election.

In the interview, McCarthy said he was confident his party would win a majority and that he was sure his goal to take over the House had the support of former President Donald Trump.

– I think Trump will provide a lot of support, he says.

Trump has been impeached twice during his presidency, in 2019 and early 2021, but was acquitted both times by the then Republican-controlled Senate.

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