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Putin Minister Kneissl moves to Russia

Updated 14:08 | Posted at 3:53 AM

Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Austrian Foreign Minister Karin Kneissl dance the waltz at Kneissl's wedding in 2018. File photo.

She is the Foreign Minister of Austria who danced the waltz with Russian President Vladimir Putin at his wedding and was severely criticized for it.

Now Karen Kneissl has packed her bags and moved to St. Petersburg.

It announced that it would build a research center there, which the state university in Putin’s hometown took the initiative to establish.

Kneissl also said in a post published this week on the Telegram media platform that she had brought her foals – which had been kept in Syria – to Russia on a Russian military plane.

Kneissl was Austria’s Foreign Minister from 2017 to 2019, and was already accused at the time of doing business with the Russian regime. The criticism did not subside when Putin appeared at her wedding in southern Austria in the summer of 2018, and pictures of him dancing with the bride spread around the world.

Kneissl was an independent, but was nominated for the position by the right-wing populist party FPÖ.

Earlier this summer, she traveled to Russia to attend a major summit of African nations hosted by Putin. Then I stayed in a village about 25 miles east of Moscow. According to his statement, Kneissl felt like a “political refugee” with a “professional ban” in his homeland, so he stayed in Lebanon after a break in France. But now Russia will return home.

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