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She received a water bill of SEK 881,000 after the leak

She received a water bill of SEK 881,000 after the leak

Chantelle Osman, 26, moved into an apartment in Exeter, England, in March 2022.

The following year, a leak appeared in the apartment.

However, stopping the leak turned out to be more difficult than expected. It took days to weeks to months – and yet the plumbers sent by the real estate company failed to completely solve the problem.

This caused Chantelle to panic and “almost fainted” when she saw the amount on her water bill.

– I received a bill for 309,000 Swedish krona, says Chantelle, who says her “heart almost stopped.”

“A complete nightmare”

They were unable to stop the leak until last Tuesday, six months later. But then Chantelle’s water bill rose even more.

– It now amounts to 881,000 SEK. Even plumbers say they’ve never seen a water bill this big, Chantelle says.

However, the water company has now informed Chantelle that she will not have to pay the huge bill, which will instead be handled by the property company.

A spokesman for the water company says: “We apologize if this is inconvenient for the customer.”

Chantelle described the experience as a “complete nightmare.”

– Chantelle says: It was very stressful.

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