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Putin: Send soldiers to the Finnish border |  the world

Putin: Send soldiers to the Finnish border | the world

Vladimir Putin will send soldiers to the Finnish border.

Photo: Jan Koronen/EPA/TT/EPATT

The Russian President described Sweden's accession to NATO as “meaningless.”

Photo: Gavril Grigorov/AP TT

Russia's state-owned news agency RIA and state television channel Russia 1 published an interview with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday night Swedish time.

In the interview, the Russian President described the membership of Sweden and Finland in NATO as a “meaningless step.” Reports NRC.

– This is a completely meaningless step, given that they want to secure their national interests, says Putin in the interview.

Troops to the border

Both Sweden and Finland wanted to join the military alliance to make their countries safer. It seems that the Russian President is not convinced by this logic. He said in the interview that he would place Russian troops and weapons systems on the Finnish border.

– We had no troops there, and now it will be like that. There were no weapons systems there, and now there will be.

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